International Day of Women and Girls in Science


This initiative seeks to give visibility to those women who one day chose science and today are helping us build the future. If you're a female scientist or know a woman in STEM, join this movement on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by sharing a picture with the #SheIsScience hashtag on social media, and tell us how she inspires you.

Stories of our women scientists

Marta, Elena, Micaela, Mar, and Pamela are colleagues at Repsol who chose science to be part of their lives since they were little girls. Discover their stories, and feel inspired.


Marta Roche

My greatest inspirations have been Madame Curie, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Jules Verne's books. I found it impressive how an individual's mind could be able to imagine something that would later become a reality in the future.

In my father's earthly world, as a very practical person, he applied almost every single science to day-to-day life without even knowing it. This included math, physics, and chemistry, and even as a little girl that made me realize that they were necessary. As a matter of fact, I also remember my first curious contact with science in the kitchen with my mother when I thought it was amazing how she could just take an egg, beat it, and make an omelette.

"Science has been a part of me since I was a little girl, choosing this path has been a natural evolution in my life."

The advice Marta would give girls who want to go into a STEM discipline would be: "Believe in yourself. Do whatever it is that you need to do at any given moment, as if it were the most important thing in the world. Think about what your calling is, and follow that path because that's where you'll be happy."


Pamela Torres

My first contact with science was when my parents got me my first microscope when I was eight years old. I used to imagine myself working in a lab, and now what I do is even better because we can ensure that our research reaches people's everyday lives.

One of the people that inspired me to choose a science degree was Laura, my high school science teacher. She's a person who would explain things with such passion that it motivated me to follow in her footsteps.

“I've always liked finding out why things are the way they are and understand how they work."

The advice Pamela would give girls who want to go into a STEM discipline would be: "Keep it up because that's how you'll do a great job. It'll be frustrating, but you'll be able to come out on top and get to where you are today."

Mar Calderón

Mar Calderón

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an astronaut to get to the moon, but even though we're not on the moon, we all do a small part to achieve something important.

A key person that has always inspired me is my older sister. When we were little, we used to spend hours and hours together playing with a toy microscope, and she would teach me interesting facts about nature, space, and much more. Today, she's a great doctor, and she's still my role model.

“I was a very curious girl, and in science is where I found the answers to everything that surrounded me."

The advice Mar would give girls who want to go into a STEM discipline would be: "Stay curious, and don't let anything get in the way. Dare to do everything because everything is possible with effort and enthusiasm."

Micaela Taborga

Micaela Taborga

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher, so I used to play and pretend to teach my friends classes. Now, I'm still passionate about it and take part in mentoring programs to support younger women so they can develop a professional career in the world of science.

The people who have been key in my life to encourage me as woman in science have been my teachers – first in high school and then in college. At every moment in my life, there's been a mentor that's believed in me and pushed me to keep moving forward. They showed me that being a woman who wants to start a family, it is possible to have a career in the world of science.

“My teachers were always great mentors, supporting and encouraging me to study a science degree."

The advice Micaela would give girls who want to go into a STEM discipline would be: "Never tell yourself no. If you have a goal, you can achieve it as long as there are people to guide you along the way, so it's important to find mentors. Imagine who you want to be in five years, and mentally prepare yourself for that goal."


Elena Ortín Font

The future has always appealed to me. Ever since I was little, I was already curious to find out what was next to come, and whenever I wasn't sure which path to follow, my mother would always say to me, "you have to choose something that allows you to be there, on the front line of the future." And that's the path of science.

Therefore, it's vital that you have people that guide you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. In my case, the support of my classmates during college was crucial as I shared my challenges and concerns with them, and my family, who has always supported me every step of the way.

"I dreamed of being able to keep witnessing breakthroughs in science and being on the front line."

The advice Elena would give girls who want to go into a STEM discipline would be: "Don't doubt yourself when making a choice because of its difficulty. Difficult paths can be mastered, and the satisfaction you'll get will be even greater."