Repsol Digital Girls

At Repsol, we promote an innitiative called Technovation Girls, which encourages young girls from all around the world to learn and apply the skills necessary to solve real world-problems thanks to technology.

At Repsol, we joined this initiative to drive interest in STEM disciplines and the professions of the future among the youngest generations by supporting the development of ideas, helping them in their decision-making, creating programming teams, and above all, keeping them motivated to enable them to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.

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What are the advantages of Technovation Girls?

Repsol supports its teams by offering them both its technological and digital resources as well as the experience and knowledge of our mentors, who are assigned to each Repsol Digital Girls group and advise them on the design and programming of the app through fun activities. They also provide guidance when it comes to choosing an issue to tackle by helping them detect real problems within their communities to ensure a real-world application.


of this competition's former students get a STEM degree in the future

of former students end up working in a position related to STEM

of former students lead change in their communities

Advantages of taking part in Repsol Digital Girls

Repsol supports its teams by providing physical spaces for team meetings, technological and digital resources, and the experience and expertise of its mentors who are assigned to each Repsol Digital Girls group. Through fun activities, their mentors guide them in the design and programming of the app, and they also advise on the issue to be addressed by helping detect real problems within their communities and ensuring it has a real-world application.

We also organize inspiring events featuring STEM role models and talks/workshops further aimed at helping them with their project.

This year, we have organized more than 100 girls and mentors into 18 work teams that will be fighting to make it to the international finals that will be held in California. In 2020, we already had a Repsol Digital Girls team in the final, which comprised 5 girls that were between 11 and 12 years old and 2 Repsol employees as mentors with an initiative called “Lazos.”

Meet some of our teams

Polar Star - Semifinalists 2022

Polar Star, one of the Repsol Digital Girls teams, has been selected as a semifinalist at the nationational level in Spain in the junior division with its Nalala project. This app makes it possible to connect people who, even after the pandemic, feel lonely. With it, they can share memories, stories, photos, and much more.

Lazos: World summit finalists

Demac Power Up, one of the Repsol Digital Girls teams, was selected as one of the five finalists worldwide, representing Spain with their Lazos app at the 2020 world summit final. This app connects and brings elderly people who live alone closer to volunteers and associations. Meet Diana, Elena, Maialen, Ana, and Carmen. The Demac Power Up team.

Mentors for Lazos

Mónica Prieto and Javier Larraona guided our Repsol Digital girls throughout their project (Lazos - Close to you) from start to finish. By means of fun and enjoyable activities, they made Repsol's digital and technological resources available to them and advised them on the design and programming of the app. This enabled them to understand and execute all the processes in a much simpler way.