Robotic hand reaching for a human hand

1. Digital perseverance as a source of value in our business areas

During the Second Wave, we want to respond to the main challenges in our value chain and continue launching new digital cases aligned with the objectives of our Businesses.

2. Extract the maximum potential from generative artificial intelligence

Generative AI is representing a turning point in business and employee productivity because of its numerous capabilities. We launched our Generative AI Competence Center to capture and extract its full potential, through various work tracks.

3. Transformation and digitalization of talent

We want to leverage technology as much as possible in our employees to meet future challenges.

  1. New skills. Encourage the training and upskilling of employees' digital skills by launching the Digital School.
  2. New tools. Use digital tools that enhance the employee's abilities and their level of autonomy, for example:

    -Data Driven: Data-driven data collection and advanced analytics.
    -Do It Yourself solutions: Employee development of their own RPA applications and robots.
    -Generative AI copilots: Expansion of knowledge and creativity and use of AI as a driver of reasoning.
  3. Experimentation in the digital world. Use the Digital Program as an environment in which to put digital skills and capabilities into practice.