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Transportation safety

Transportation safety

We participate in different organizations so as to be on the cutting edge of international changes in safe transportation. We perform audits and inspections on our operating companies to ensure that they comply with our demanding safety standards.

Ground transportation

Ground transportation is key for us: we distribute most of our products by road, and largely, through contractor companies. Adequate management of this group is essential to us and that’s why we establish specific requirements for contracting and supervising their services. Given that ground transportation continues to be a significant cause of accidents among our employees and contractors, we continue to work on safe transportation as one of our most critical lines of action.

We aim our efforts at establishing prevention and control measures to reduce incidents and mitigate their possible consequences. These measures include compliance with specific requirements for vehicles and training personnel on responsibility in transporting these types of products and their ability to respond in emergency situations:

We establish strict internal standards for our safety requirements.

  • We evaluate routes to identify risks and, if necessary, establish alternatives.
  • We install navigation systems in our vehicles to monitor their status in real time and prevent risk situations.
  • We carry out periodic training campaigns for drivers.
  • Our tanker trucks feature the most advanced technology.

Marine/river transportation

Minimizing incidents related to transporting crude oil and fuel by water is an important line of action for us.

At Repsol, we do not have our own marine fleet, and that’s why we have demanding assessment and inspection criteria for contracting vessels from third parties:

All vessels that transport crude oil for us or which store petroleum products must have a double hull, regardless of the type of crude oil they transport.

All vessels are periodically inspected and reviewed because prevention is the key to avoiding possible incidents.

Air transportation

Some of our exploration and production activities are in difficult-to-access areas which can only be reached by air transportation, such as our offshore platforms for crude oil and gas extraction.

We have regulations that establish the principles, responsibilities, and functions that must govern both the contracting of these services and their subsequent operation. Furthermore, we are uncompromising in our audits and inspections both of the companies that operate for us and their aircraft to ensure that they meet our demanding requirements.