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Repsol in Colombia. River cutting through a green zone
Colombia is a country with an emerging economy and a mining-energy sector that has grown significantly in recent years. It is located in northwestern South America, bordering Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Peru and Ecuador to the south, and Panama to the northwest.

Our activity in Colombia

We arrived in Colombia in 1983 to develop our exploration and production activities throughout the country. Colombia represents a strategic country for the company and is one of our key development areas.

In March 2019, we reached a total production record of 20 kbbl/d in the Akacias project. The ultimate goal is to reach a total production of 50 kbbl/d over the medium term.

Additionally, we have signed two contracts with the Colombian National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) to carry out exploration and production operations in the offshore blocks GUA OFF-1 and COL-4, located off the Colombian coast. Repsol will be the operator of both.

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    7 million oil barrels

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    1 million barrels of oil equivalent in gas production

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    23,940 km2 of total surface area


Repsol in Colombia. Colombia exploration map

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  • Akacías project

Repsol in Colombia. Aerial view of the Repsol facilities

In 2018, in cooperation with Ecopetrol, we began the development phase of the Akacías production field located in the Acacías and Guamal municipalities, part of Block CPO-9. This field currently has nine active wells, with average daily production standing at 6,300 barrels..

Following the tests carried out on the exploratory well Lorito-1 in block CPO-9 (Ecopetrol: 55% WI and operator; Repsol: 45%), it was confirmed as a commercial discovery. In the same block, an announcement was made regarding the approval to start Phase 1 of the Akacias project Development Plan, which includes the drilling of 19 producing wells. In March 2019, record production levels of 20,000 boe/d were reached (including existing wells).

In addition another three discoveries have been made in the Cosecha block with the Cosecha-V-01, REX-NE-01, and Cosecha-C-01 wells.

Invested companies

  • Equión: In April 2015 Repsol acquired a 49% stake in Equión; the other 51% has been owned by Ecopetrol since 2011. Its production fields are Piedemonte and Río Chitamena.
  • Occidental de Colombia: We have a 25% stake in this company, while Occidental owns the other 75%. The blocks belonging to this company include: Cosecha, Chipirón, Rondón , and Cravo Norte.

Marketing our lubricants and specialty products

We offer a wide range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral-based lubricants that meet the needs of all our customers. These products are specifically designed for each vehicle type, ranging from motorcycles, cars, and trucks, to public works machinery, or 2-stroke and 4-stroke boat engines. Every Repsol product is JASO and API certified, guaranteeing maximum quality and protection for engine components while boosting clutch and gear performance.

Repsol lubricants have been marketed by Motorzone in Colombia since 2010.

Our commitment to development

At Repsol, we are firmly committed to the communities that live near the areas where we operate. We work together with these communities to find ways to contribute to improving their quality of life, and we were in fact the first oil company to sign an agreement with the United Nations in Colombia.

Success story: No-go in La Guajira
Competitiveness in rural areas
Sustainable settlements
Human rights training
The indigenous Wayuu people
Repsol Worldwide. Scene of a pristine, empty beach in La Guajira.

Success story: No-go in La Guajira

This project demonstrates Repsol's commitment to respecting human rights. In the La Guajira region of Colombia, we carried out a human rights impact assessment which resulted in the Company's decision to not go through with the exploration project.
Repsol in Colombia. Woman picking berries

Competitiveness in rural areas

Together with the Canadian embassy and Socodevi we are working on a project to help make collective rural businesses more competitive (Procompite), by increasing agricultural production and supporting existing production chains and organizations. There are currently 880 families benefitting from this initiative.
Repsol in Colombia. People posing in front of a building

Sustainable settlements

In cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme we are working on “Sustainable Settlements” to improve the quality of life of more than 500 families, encouraging entrepreneurs, supporting local businesses, and helping people enter the job market.
Repsol in Colombia. Man using machine to fabricate something

Human rights training

In a joint effort with Fundación Repsol and Zabala Innovation, we provide training to the indigenous peoples living in Guajita and farmers in the Meta region of Colombia, in order to teach them about their rights and to help strengthen these communities’ social structure.
Repsol in Colombia. Woman with a bird in her hand

The indigenous Wayuu people

In Alta Guajira we work with a local indigenous community called the Wayuu. In 2014, we launched a project in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to improve local access to drinking water. In 2017 we built the Ramón Paz Ipuana Library using Fundación Repsol funds, and in 2018 we brought Bogotá’s International Book Fair to this part of Colombia for the first time in 31 years.
Repsol in Colombia. Hands holding fruit


Sustainability is a constant theme throughout our activities, and our best practices contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as outlined in their 2030 Agenda.
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