Repsol in Spain

All of our lines of business are present in Spain: exploration and production, refining, chemicals, service stations, lubricants, LPG, sales and marketing of specialized products, and natural gas and electricity to boot. We're also behind various initiatives related to new forms of energy production.

Repsol in Spain. Map of exploration and services in Spain
Main businesses
Repsol worldwide: Spain. Casablanca platform


We have 10 exploration and production blocks in Spain, including the Lubina and Montanazo fields located in the Mediterranean and operated from the Casablanca platform. Their net production is 1,320 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Image of one of Repsol's refineries. Repsol worldwide: Spain


We are at the head of the pack among integrated European companies when it comes to efficiency and value creation. We have managed to improve our operational excellence through large-scale investments in our five industrial complexes: A Coruña, Tarragona, Puertollano, Cartagena, and Bilbao. Five refineries that operate as a single unit.

A woman performs a procedure in a chemical laboratory. Repsol worldwide: Spain


We lead the chemicals market on the Iberian Peninsula, centering our activity on the production, sale, and marketing of a wide variety of high-quality specialized products. We have two chemical plants in Spain: one in Puertollano and another in Tarragona, at which (and through other subsidiary companies and affiliates) we manufacture polypropylene compounds, specialized chemical products, and synthetic rubber.

Repsol 'Foster' service station. Repsol worldwide: Spain

Service stations

We boast a network of over 3,331 service stations for the sale and distribution of our products. Our service stations offer our customers all the services they need to keep them safe and comfortable on the road: from cafeterias, car washes, and shops stocked with a wide variety of products to drop-off and pickup points for mailing packages.

Image of LPG facilities. Repsol worldwide: Spain


We are the primary retail distributors of LPG in Spain. We distribute LPG in canisters, in bulk, and AutoGas to a total of 4 million active customers. AutoGas, our LPG product for motor vehicles, is the most widely used alternative fuel in the entire world, powering more than 26 million vehicles (14 million in Europe alone).

An oil tanker at sea


In Spain this activity is managed from our offices in Madrid and focuses on the following services: transport and supply of crude, gas, and products to the refining system; marketing of crude; and products from outside of our own system.

More products and services

Airport and planes

Aviation and direct sales

We are present in the direct sales and international aviation sector as a fuel supplier, providing into-plane fuel services at Barajas in Madrid and El Prat in Barcelona through our 50% stake in SLCA (Servicios Logísticos de Combustibles de Aviación). In November 2018, we began selling Repsol lubricants through our own Amazon channel in Spain.

Image of the mouth of a lubricant container

Lubricants, asphalts, and specialized products

We develop, manufacture, and market petroleum-derived products for industrial sectors. Our lubricants sales in Spain grew by 3% in 2017.

A woman smiling on a sofa and gas stove. Repsol worldwide: Spain

Electricity and natural gas

In November, the Company acquired Viesgo’s unregulated low-emissions electricity generation assets (hydroelectric and combined cycle power plants), in addition to its regulated and unregulated gas and electricity marketing businesses. This agreement entails the acquisition of a low-emissions generation capacity of 2,350 megawatts (MW) and a portfolio of almost 750,000 customers, strengthening Repsol’s position as a multienergy provider in Spain.

Also in 2018, we acquired the company Valdesolar, S.L., which has a solar power project in Valdecaballeros in Badajoz, Spain. It will have an installed capacity of 264 megawatts (MW) and may be operational between 2019 and 2020.

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