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Portugal is a key country in Southern Europe in the marketing of fuels, lubricants, specialized products, and service stations. Petroleum products constitute some of the country's biggest exports. It borders the east and north of Spain and the west of the Atlantic Ocean.

We started operating in Portugal in 1990, and since then, we have become leaders in the marketing of fuels, lubricants, specialized products, service stations, chemical products, and direct sales to major customers in the aviation and marine sector. We are the largest international energy company in this market, and the best in terms of fuel distribution according to Exame 500. We also have stakes in Principle Power and Windplus with the aim of developing an offshore wind farm prototype.

 Map of Portugal
Main project
Repsol Foster service station

Service stations

Our network in this country comprises nearly 500 service stations, and we're the second biggest in Portugal for user service.

We have been recognized, year after year, in the Fuel Filling Station category by the main brand evaluation systems, which count on the vote of the consumers.

Image of the Sines industrial complex


We have a petrochemical plant in Sines, 150 km south of Lisbon, where we produce around a million tons of ethylene, propylene, and other petrochemical products per year. One of the most important products that we produce at the Industrial Facility is polyethylene, a flexible, resistant, lightweight, and impermeable material that offers high chemical and dimensional stability, great elasticity, and can also be easily recycled. The Repsol Polímeros company in Portugal is one of the biggest export companies.

Image of refinery facilities

LPG and Autogas

In Portugal, we distribute bottled and bulk LPG and Autogas directly to end customers and other operators. We also launched the first e-commerce platform in the country.

Turbine blades

Gas & Power

We hold a 16.63% stake in the Windfloat Atlantic project, the first floating wind farm on the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in the world. After six years of work, the pilot project was successful, generating 17 GWh over five years and withstanding waves of over 18 meters.

Dakar car in the desert

Lubricants and specialized products

We sell and distribute lubricants through our commercial office.

Illustration of the Move app and the Plant a Tree campaign

Plant a Tree campaign

Now you can plant a tree without leaving your house. Redeem 500 Repsol Move points and make a positive impact on the environment.

Once you have redeemed your points, we will send a donation to the association in question to plant a tree.

Logos of awards for service stations in Portugal

Recognized by our customers

In Portugal, Repsol Service Stations have been recognized year after year by three of the country's leading brand evaluation systems.

The awards – Retailer of the Year, 5 Stars and Consumer Choice – are based on surveys conducted among Portuguese consumers and consider different criteria. Repsol always stands out in aspects such as trust, proximity, and availability.

At a time marked by the difficult health situation across Europe, customers have applauded the company's efforts and ability to adapt to the requirements put in place for public health and safety.



We are the first energy company to take on the commitment to zero net emissions by 2050.

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REPSOL POLÍMEROS, Unipessoal, Lda.
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Updated December 2020.