Repsol in Russia

We have been present in Russia since 2010 through our Upstream business. As such, we have mining rights over 12 exploration blocks, with a net area of 2,895 km2 and 25 production/development blocks, with a net area of 174 km2.

Our activity in figures

3 million

oil barrels

26 million

barrels of oil equivalent in net reserves

3,069 km2

of total surface area

Exploration map of Russia

In June, we signed a memorandum of understanding with Gazprom Neft and Shell for the creation of a joint agreement for the exploration of two bordering licensed blocks, Leskinsky and Pukhutsyayakhsky, located on the Guida peninsula on the coast of Siberia. Gazprom Neft holds a 50% operating interest, while Repsol and Shell hold 25% each.

In December, we signed an agreement with Gazprom Neft to carry out geological exploration activity on six blocks in the southwest of Siberia. This synergy, in which we acquired 50.1% of capital shares from the company Karabashsky-6 LLC, allows us to continue expanding our exploration efforts in Russia, and in the future, production.




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Last updated: December 2020.