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Aerial shot of offshore facilities in Malaysia
Our operations in Malaysia focus on the Upstream and Lubricants businesses.
Malaysia exploration map

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    4 million oil barrels

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    3 million barrels of oil equivalent in gas production

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    877 km2 of total surface area

In Malaysia, new wells were started up in the Kinabalu offshore block redevelopment project, located in the west of the Malay basin. In 2017, crude production began in this project, which is operated by Repsol with a 60% working interest

Major Upstream projects

Kinabalu: We have been operating the Kinabalu field, a mature offshore field located in the Malaysian basin of Sabah, since 2015. We have a 60% share in this field and the remaining 40% belongs to Petronas. In 2017, after a new crude extraction platform was installed, crude production was begun as part of the redevelopment project.

Annual average production of the block during 2018 was 17,050 Bep/d.

The project comprises a new platform, connection lines to existing facilities in Kinabalu, and drilling ten additional production wells. 

Now that the field is in the production stage, gross production will increase by 7,000 barrels of crude per day between 2017 and 2019, and by a gross quantity of 15.6 million barrels in the reserves by 2032.

PM3: In 2015, we began exploration and production activities in the country through the incorporation of the PM-3 operated production block, located between Malaysia and Vietnam, where we have a 41.44% stake.

In September 2017, a new platform was successfully installed at the block, which should increase production levels by mid-2018.

PM-3 is an asset producing gas and oil, which are exported to the Malaysian and Vietnamese markets. In production, this asset will include all asset management activities: exploration, the development of new discoveries, and the improved recovery of hydrocarbons in the areas developed.

In May 2019, we obtained positive results from the Bunga Saffron-1 and Bunga Saffron-1 ST1 wells located on the block.


In 2011, we started producing lubricants in our Kuala Lumpur plant, following an agreement with the Malaysian company UMW. We also produce and distribute lubricants in other Asian regions such as China and Singapore.
Updated on December 31st, 2019.