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Wax and paraffin specialties

Waxes for paper and cardboard

Ceras para papel y cartón

Repsol markets special waxes for the paper and cardboard industry which act as a barrier to humidity and improve resistance. These products contain special additives that increase shine and flexibility.

Our range of waxes complies with current legislation on products that are in contact with food.

They are available in two different formats:

REDCOAT® product range, in solid format to be used in melting.

  • 25 kg sacks (beads)
  • 24 kg boxes (5 blocks)
  • Bulk molten (liquid)

REDEMUL P product range, emulsion for cold application.

  • 180 Kg drums
  • 900 Kg IBC, bulk
These products can be found in the agriculture and container and packaging industries.

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