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Liquefied and propellant gases


Isobutane gases
Isobutane marketed by Repsol is a petrochemical grade liquefied gas specially treated and hydrogenated to give it a high degree of purity, which allows it to be used in the food industry (additive E-943b). Its properties make it ideal for use both as a telogen in the manufacture of polyethylene and as a foaming agent for various expanded polymers (polyethylene, polystyrene, etc.), many of them used in the food industry. Due to its low waste production, it is also especially suitable as a propulsion medium (propellant) in aerosols and in special applications (such as the manufacture of lighters).
These products can be found in the aerosolcontainer and packaging, and chemicals industries.

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Repsol's range of propellants are liquid gases produced from mixes of refinery streams and specially treated and hydrogenated to provide them with high levels of purity.