Vista de un cielo despejado en un día soleado

Driving the energy transition with solar energy

We bring you new services based on 100% sustainable energy models aligned with our commitment to become a net zero emissions company by 2050.


Our solar energy solutions

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Solar360: The joint venture launched by Repsol and Telefónica España for solar self-consumption

We install solar panels on your home or business's roof to enable you to generate 100% renewable energy, so you can save on your power bill through self-consumption. Also, we will compensate you for any energy you produce and don't use up. You just have to check that your roof meets the installation requirements.

View of solar panels on the roof of a house

Repsol Solmatch, share your solar energy with your neighbors

Discover the 100% renewable energy model Repsol has launched to pave the way for distributed generation across Spain. Activate a solar community and connect to an existing one to start enjoying solar energy.

View of solar panels on the roof of a house

Making strides towards a low-emissions energy model

At Repsol, we are focusing on new energy models in order to offer you sustainable services based on 100% renewable energy.

Therefore, we have made different solutions available to you, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs at home, in your business, or in public institutions. Start making the most of the sun!