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It's our principles that set us apart

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  • Façade and entrance to the Repsol Technology Lab


    Our Technology Lab is our innovation nexus, and it's at the forefront of its kind in Europe. There, four hundred researchers and scientists work to develop our products.
  • Technical support

    Our team of engineers works closely with our customers to meet the most specific and demanding needs.
  • Production

    We have several plants around the world, enabling us to meet any needs, in any place.
  • Commitment

    Respecting the environment is one of our priorities. We control the production process by means of an integrated management system.
Marc Márquez mounted upon his motorcycle, displaying a jug of Repsol lubricants.

How do we develop the fuels and lubricants used in MotoGP?

Twenty engineers working more than 100,000 hours, 50 different gasolines, and 400 computerized simulations. These are just a few of the figures behind the hard workd and dedication of the Repsol team when it comes to creating products for Marc.
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The Repsol team's car during the Dakar rally

Isidre Esteve at the Dakar 2020

Our Repsol Rally Team driver took part in the toughest competition in the world of racing, where he put our lubricants to the test.

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