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Products that respond to the needs of today and tomorrow

We offer our customers efficient energy solutions adapted to their needs, making us key players in all the market segments where gas has a use.

An energy solution that helps you improve your home and your business

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Discover the different uses of Repsol Gas

Home, where we bring you smart heating. We deliver maximum comfort to the place where you most like to be, your home.

Hospitality, where we work hard to offer our customers in this segment a flexible and comfortable energy solution for different uses: from the kitchen to cooling and heating systems. 

Agriculture. The use of Repsol Gas in the agricultural sector is important for the development and proper operation of various facilities, such as pig and poultry farms.

Industry. The versatility of Repsol Gas makes it possible for our products to adapt to your business needs.

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Electricity and natural gas: electricity and gas for your everyday life

All the energy you need in one place. We anticipate major trends such as the increase in electricity demand and the key role of gas in the energy transition.

Discover other Energy Solutions

Learn about other products for your business and home.

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Electricity and natural gas

Electricity and gas for your everyday life.

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Diesels and heating oils

Quality heating and fuels.