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A versatile material

Polypropylene (PP) is a linear hydrocarbon polymer PP, it is a polyolefin or saturated polymer. Polypropylene is one of those most versatile polymers available with applications, both as a plastic and as a fibre, in virtually all of the plastics end-use markets.
Repsol has a wide product range enabling it to offer technical solutions to all end markets for polypropylene. Thanks to its technology, Repsol is able to provide all four of the main polypropylene families:


This new range is particularly designed for the additive manufacturing technologies FGF (Fused granular fabrication) and FFF (Fused filament fabrication), also known as FDM (Fuse deposition modeling). It is especially recommended for the manufacturing of both aesthetic and functional prototypes and also final pieces. It is aimed at sectors such as automotive, sanitary packaging, toy, leisure, and sports.


Repsol’s array of homopolymers spans a wide range of fluidity indexes, in injection applications and extrusion applications for ultrafine fibres.

Random copolymers

This Repsol range addresses the most demanding sectors in terms of organoleptic and optical properties. The improvements to these properties position our PP in new segments. Repsol’s range includes products for injection, cast film and blow moulding.

Block or heterophasic copolymers

Repsol offers a wide variety of materials that can be adapted to all kinds of requirements especially in terms of optimizing the stiffness/impact balance, and all are available with different types of additives: UV protection, antistatic, slip, nucleating agents and low gels for film and graphic arts applications. They are used for numerous articles such as cases and containers for transportation, packaging for foodstuffs, high mechanical performance waste or storage bins, pallets, household items, furnishings.

Polypropylene compounds

Compuestos de Polipropileno
Repsol has over 25 years of experience developing polypropylene compounds. These products are mainly supplied to the Automotive Industry for components for interiors, exterior, and under-the-hood. Repsol also offers a comprehensive range of polypropylene compounds for household appliances.

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