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Polyethylene: countless uses in every sector

Polyethylene belongs to the polyolefins group. Polyethylene is chemically inert. It is obtained from the polymerisation of the ethylene that gives it its name.

At Repsol, we offer a wide range of different types of polyethylene for all industrial segments in which our customers work:

Agriculture, Automotive industry, Well-being and Consumer products, Building and Infrastructure, Packaging, Healthcare, and Household.

High density polyethylene (HDPE)

We offer an extensive range of high density polyethylene (HDPE), a product highly valued for its tenacity and rigidity for the blow moulding process and extrusion which is aimed at applications such as containers for dairy produce, cosmetics and detergents. Containers for chemicals, hazardous goods and petroleum derivatives. We also offer high density polyethylene for blow moulding, to make a very thin and tough film used, for example, to wrap fresh produce. HDPE is used in the manufacture of pressure pipes for water, gas and irrigation systems as well as for pipes intended for sanitation, drainage and cable protection.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE)

This product offers properties such as good impact resistance, very good processability, heat and chemical resistance and greater flexibility than HDPE. 

At Repsol, we offer a very wide range of different grades for the manufacture of films, enhancing properties such as clarity, stiffness and density for an excellent finish. LDPE is widely used for manufacturing films for packaging, ranging from shrink film, industrial film, laminating, food packaging and sacks; it is also used in the manufacture of insulation and jacketing for telecommunications and power cables. In this particular speciality, Repsol has a strong presence due to the high quality of its products.

At the annual meeting of the European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) on June 13th 2019, Repsol was named Europe's Best Polymer Producer in the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) category at the Best Polymer Producers Awards) for the fourth year running.

Attempting to rip through a Resistex plastic with a pen

Repsol Resistex®

Repsol Chemicals Division is keen to offer its customers differentiated products. The company has taken one more step with a product called Repsol PE Ultraclean® for making film with very low gel content for laminating and protecting valuable item. Repsol has a new range of metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE) under the Repsol Resistex® trademark.

The new differentiated metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE) range, marketed under the Repsol Resistex® brand, is a product of maximum versatility that can be used for food packaging film in applications such as frozen bags or for industrial film used for shrinking pallets. This product offers high resistance to tearing and puncture and excellent transparency and gloss.

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