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Repsol Primeva® & Repsol Ebantix®: Over 43 years of innovation

At Repsol we are committed to our customers’ needs. And this commitment takes us one step further through new product innovation.

With more than 43 years of experience in the development of an integrated chemical business, we participate in all the stages of the value chain: research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, and distribution.

The technology used by Repsol allows us to offer one of the largest market portfolios and to meet the highest European standards. We develop more than 45 grades of EVA & EBA copolymers designed for a wide range of industrial sectors: Packaging, Building and Infrastructure, Well-being and Consumer products, Automotive industry, Agriculture, Household, and Healthcare.

Repsol Primeva

Repsol Primeva®: Our EVA solutions

Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) are thermoplastic polymers comprised of repeated units of ethylene and vinyl acetate. A more elastomeric product than polyethylene.

It stands out for its excellent processability, flexibility and compatibility. The presence of polar groups in its structure improves its performance significantly in terms of cohesion and adhesion to different substrates. The higher the vinyl acetate content, the higher the adhesion.

Under its new Primeva® brand, Repsol produces and markets EVA copolymers designed for well-known applications like hot melt adhesives, films and microcellular foams.

Repsol Primeva® advantages:

  • Flexibility to develop products to meet our customers’ needs and supplying on a regular basis all across Europe. 
  • Reducing residual VA (vinyl acetate) content beyond European Legislation.
Repsol Ebantix

Repsol Ebantix®: The added value of EBA copolymers

Over the past years Repsol has developed a wide portfolio of EBA copolymers to meet our clients’ needs covering a comprehensive range of high added-value applications.

EBA copolymers offer numerous advantages, for example in the agricultural film sector, where Repsol has more than 70 years of experience.

Repsol Ebantix® advantages:

  • Its thermal stability, flexibility and transparency make it excellent for film applications.
  • Excellent processing and adhesion properties to meet the requirements of cables and adhesive markets.

All products meet the highest European quality standards and new food contact requirements.

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