We initiate work on the expansion project at our Sines Industrial Complex

Chemical News 30/03/2023

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, presides over the presentation act and start-up of the works of the expansion project of our Industrial Complex in Sines. The project, which includes constructing two new plants, one for linear polyethylene and the other for polypropylene, involves an investment of 657 million euros. In addition to the new plants, decarbonization and energy transition programs, photovoltaic generation, electrification, and logistical infrastructure projects are underway.

Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, and Repsol representatives at the Sines Industrial Complex

We marked yesterday the start of the expansion works of our industrial complex in Sines in the presence of the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa,

The project will amount to 657 million euros including the construction of two new plants, one of linear polyethylene and the other of polypropylene, with a production capacity of 600,000 tons per year. The expansion project will incorporate about 38 hectares to the 143 hectares already occupied.

In line with our decarbonization and energy transition strategy, we are undergoing complementary programs, including electrification, installation of photovoltaic panel parks, and new electrical and logistical interconnections.

The new products will also be 100% recyclable and can be used for highly specialized applications aligned with the energy transition, such as the pharmaceutical, automotive, or food industries.

Salvador Ruiz, general manager of Repsol Polímeros, highlighted the importance of this investment and stated that "the expansion of the Industrial Complex illustrates Repsol's commitment to Sines and to leading the energy transition, promoting the circular economy. The project is part of the company's industrial transformation of its industrial complexes into multi-energy hubs to revolutionize the industrial sector and generate quality employment."