We developed together with Recreus a new grade with fiberglass for 3D printing

Chemical News 10/02/2023

We made progress in our commitment to innovation and technology, developing together with Recreus, one of the startups in which our investment fund Repsol Corporate Venturing has a stake, a polypropylene compound with fiberglass additives. A product specially designed to be used in 3D printing that offers better processability, as well as much higher mechanical performance than polypropylene, and an improved surface finish with a soft touch.

Polypropylene part

We expand our range of additive manufacturing products with this new polypropylene product that has significant advantages over the base grades. The fiberglass with which it is added provides much more mechanical resistance to pieces and allows us to manufacture filaments used in sectors such as the automotive, industrial, construction, naval, or aerospace sector. The grade gives the final pieces better resistance and rigidity, making it ideal for tools, staples, manipulators, clamps, industrial spare parts, or robotic hands. Additionally, it is a 100% recyclable grade.

Eva García Biosca, advisor engineer at Polyolefin Technical Assistance and Development, points out: “This new grade allows us to access new markets and offers a new polypropylene that is an excellent option for industrial applications, where high mechanical resistance is required."

It is already available in our product catalog and the Recreus catalog as a filament, jointly with the previous development in PP3D polypropylene.