We are one step closer to building a new UHMWPE plant

Chemical News 27/05/2021

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We have completed the conceptual engineering phase of the new ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) plant that we plan to build in Puertollano. The FEL (Front end Loading phase) will now begin, which will determine the investment required to build the plant, with a final decision to be made by the end of the year.

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Last October, we acquired DSM’s technology license to build the first plant on the Iberian Peninsula capable of manufacturing UHMWPE at our industrial complex in Puertollano (Spain), with an annual production capacity of 15 kt.

UHMW is a “superpolymer,” which has special properties. It has high tenacity, superior to steel, and makes it the plastic with the highest impact resistance and self-lubrication capacity.

Our initial supply range will consist of 4 grades that cover all molecular weights allowing the company to meet the needs of the main applications such as high hardness plates for construction, profiles, coatings, fenders, and technical parts and battery separators for electric vehicles in the automotive industry

With this new step in the engineering process, we confirm our intention to become a producer of UHMWPE with a robust and proven technology like that of DSM, and we offer new solutions that contribute to the competitiveness of our customers.