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We advance in our commitment to differentiation

We have signed a technology license agreement that would allow us to build an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) plant. It is a highly differentiated material with high toughness, higher than steel, and high impact resistance.
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The signing of this agreement allows us to start the Conceptual Engineering Phase of the project, aiming to reach the Final Investment Decision in 2022. The plant, which would be located in our Puertollano industrial complex (Spain), would advance our growth and differentiation strategy.

This novel material is found in numerous applications and multiple sectors such as battery separators in electric vehicles in the automotive industry, high hardness plates for construction, prostheses, medical implants, or filters for dialysis in medical applications; or even in aviation and other industrial sectors.

In short, we may find this "super polymer" in a multitude of products that offer greater daily well-being and greater environmental sustainability.