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Together with Recreus, we launch new materials for 3D printing

This way, we advance in our commitment to innovation, the development of new materials for 3D printing that cover the primary needs of filament technology, for sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, toy, leisure, and sanitary.
Press release
A tablet showing a promotional photo of the new 3D-printed material by Recreus and Repsol

In collaboration with Recreus, one of the new companies owned by the Repsol Corporate Venturing fund and market leader in the production of thermoplastic filaments for 3D printing, we have developed three new grades of polypropylene for 3D printing.

These new materials have been specifically designed to cover the highest requirements of the industries that use filament technology or FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), and they stand out for their excellent properties.

This new range expands the possibilities of additive technologies, as it can be used to manufacture both prototypes and functional parts for the automotive, aerospace, toy, leisure, and healthcare industries, among others.

3D printing technology represents an advancement in the circularity as, from the design stage, it allows less material consumption. And in the prototyping stage, it minimizes the waste of materials, thus facilitating greater product sustainability.