Repsol and Cabka's recycled polypropylene pallets: A sustainable solution for Logistics

Chemical News 28/11/2023

Our Repsol Reciclex® range has been key to providing extraordinary load capacity and high performance to Cabka's recycled plastic pallets. The high mechanical properties of these pallets are achieved thanks to the joint development effort of our technicians and those of Cabka, by incorporating our high-impact polypropylene, Repsol Impacto®, into the new recycled polypropylene compound of these Cabka pallets.

28 November 2023 - 20:00 CET | PDF | 602.74 KB
Recycled propylene pallet from Repsol and Cabka

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, industries seek ways to reduce carbon footprints, and the logistics within every industry are no exception. Opting to use recycled plastic pallets is a solution to achieve their sustainability goals. However, it was necessary to go further so that the recycled plastic pallets maintain the demanding mechanical properties that characterize these products. Cabka's reusable, high-performing recycled plastic pallets incorporating the new Repsol Reciclex® polypropylene compound have met this challenge. 

The new Repsol Reciclex® polypropylene based on plastic waste was developed jointly by our technical experts and Cabka's technical experts specifically for Cabka's Endur i7 (CP1) high-performing recycled plastic pallets. 

These new recycled plastic pallets offer extraordinary load capacity, high flexural rigidity, and excellent dimensional stability while being compatible with automated handling and robotic palletizing. In comparison to the recycled pallets previously available, these new pallets' main improvement relies on their high mechanical deformation resistance, made possible by our technical experts at Repsol Technology Lab reinforcing this solution with our high-impact polypropylene, Repsol Impacto®. These customizable pallets open the door for logistics companies to request future developments to meet their specific needs.

With the launch of this innovative, high-performing plastic pallet with recycled plastic content, logistics companies have a powerful new tool that promises to improve efficiency and benefit the environment. It is a new development in an industry always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.