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Showcasing the new additions to our Repsol Healthcare® portfolio at Compamed 2018

We’ve made our debut at Compamed, the trade show for suppliers and manufacturers of medical technologies, with a showcase of our latest PP grades: among them, our first PP grade for gamma radiation sterilization.
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Showcasing new additions to our Repsol Healthcare® portfolio in Compamed 2018

Our goal with this agreement is to use a combination of knowledge and abilities to develop new polyolefins containing post-consumer recycled material, thereby guaranteeing a consistent level of quality in high-demand applications from a technical point of view and where recycling is minimal.

Repsol’s contribution to this alliance is created at our Technology Center and through our experience in the development of new products. Saica brings to this project their extensive experience in waste management and as a producer of high-quality low-density polyethylene (LDPE) recycled pellets.

This collaboration is part of the Reciclex project and is in line with our goal of promoting the incorporation of our materials into the circular economy, which is one of our strategic pillars.

This agreement is framed within the pact for the Circular Economy that we signed in October 2017 together with the foremost social and economic players with the aim of furthering the circular life cycle and efficient use of plastic materials: all of this to improve the management of our products at the end of their useful lives.