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A leading authority in food safety

We are the first polyolefins producer to obtain the FSCC 22000 food safety certification in all our industrial complexes. In January 2018, we already obtained this certification for all plastic polymers produced at our Tarragona industrial site. The first ever granted to a polyolefin production center worldwide, which was later followed by our Puertollano and Sines complexes in December 2018 and March 2019, respectively.
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A girl in the countryside, enjoying the nature around her while holding a plastic and very sustainable container of strawberries.

To this end, we have implemented a robust and efficient food safety management system, to meet the requirements of regulators, the food sector, and final consumers. Clear evidence of our strong commitment to establishing food safety as a top priority.

Along this line, we are working on the Nature project to safeguard people’s safety and further increase sustainability. Nature goes beyond legal requirements to eliminate any additives with migration limits from our polyolefins.

All this confirms our commitment and leadership in food safety, which allows us to provide added value and offer advanced and specific solutions to our clients, the final consumer, and the environment.