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ELIX Polymers awarded “Best Supplier of the Year in 2018”

Last December, our client ELIX Polymers bestowed us with the "ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2018". This award recognizes the impact of our collaboration as a supplier for ELIX Polymers to achieve their challenges and objectives for 2018.
Press Release
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The Repsol team receives the “ELIX Polymers Outstanding Performance Award 2018”
ELIX Polymers has awarded us in recognition for our experience and proactivity when offering ideas that add value to their business and that of their customers’, dedicating our efforts to differentiation through high-quality customized solutions.
It is a great satisfaction for Repsol to receive this award, especially coming from one such relevant client, with whom we are fortunate to share a long-standing relationship.
This recognition reinforces our conviction to offer differentiated products and services to our customers, our most valuable asset.