Committed to polymers for the automotive industry

Chemical News 27/08/2020

Last June, a new reactor for one of the polypropylene plants arrived at our industrial complex in Tarragona. It is our second gas-phase reactor to manufacture high-impact resistance polypropylene for applications such as door panels, instrument panels, consoles, pillars, bumpers, technical parts, safety parts, batteries, etc. With this new investment, we further commit to the future of the automotive market at a difficult time for this sector.

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Vista del nuevo reactor para una de las plantas de polipropileno del complejo industrial de Tarragona

We are investing in our industrial complex by installing a new gas-phase reactor for the production of high-impact resistance polypropylene (PP). This new reactor will allow us to broaden our Repsol Impacto® range, a range with which we have been in the automotive market for two years. These grades will reduce the vehicles' weight, improving their environmental footprint, and significantly increasing the impact resistance that protects the interior of the cabin, thus increasing passenger safety.

Furthermore, the investment will allow expanding high-impact resistance polypropylene grades' offer also for other applications such as toys, suitcases, chairs, rigid containers, boxes, cubes, or corrugated cardboard.

This investment is especially noteworthy, in these difficult times for the automotive sector, in which many companies are reducing investments. We renew our commitment to continuing to grow in such a high-tech and challenging segment, where we have been operating for over 20 years.