We sign an agreement to improve LDPE film circularity

Chemical News 06/11/2018

In order to increase the quantity of polyolefins that incorporate post-consumer recycled material in their composition, we have signed a new collaboration agreement with Saica Natur to maximize the use of low density polyethylene (LDPE) film waste. We intend to combine our knowledge and skills to achieve new polyolefins that ensure quality consistency for applications with low recycling penetration rates.

06 November 2018 | PDF | 153.61 KB

With this agreement, we intend to combine both companies’ knowledge and skills to achieve new polyolefins with post-consumer recycled material in their composition and with the required quality consistence for more demanding applications, from the technical point of view, where recycling has hardly penetrated yet.

We provide the capabilities of our Technology Center, as well as our experience in the development of new products. While Saica contributes with its expertise as a waste manager and, also, as a low density polyethylene (LDPE) recycled pellets producer.

This collaboration falls under the Reciclex project, in line with our objective of promoting the circular economy of our materials, one of our four strategic pillars.

This agreement is framed in the “Pact for a Circular Economy” that we signed, in October 2017, together with the main social and economic agents to increase the circularity and the efficient use of plastic materials. This will allow us to improve the management of our products at the end of their useful life.