Chemical products for well-being: creams and cosmetics

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We serve well-being

Repsol offers a wide and varied range of products providing innovative solutions to make our day-to-day lives smoother. Innovations possible thanks to styrene, propylene glycol, polyol, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl acetate copolymer, commonly known as EVA, and butyl acrylate copolymer, known as EBA.

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Look around you: it’s chemicals that give you quality of life

We use polyol on a daily basis. It’s what polyurethane foams are made from, resilient, comfortable and durable. These foams can be found in all kinds of sports equipment, such as balls, surfboards and the helmets we wear when riding motorcycles or bicycles, as this foam also acts as protection.

Styrene is another important raw material in our daily lives. It is used to produce ABS and SAN materials that can be found in the safety equipment in sports environments. 

Countless applications designed for our comfort

Sport, flexibility and coolness

Imagine that we are running: EVA / EBA foam is in our footwear, making it flexible and comfortable, as it provides cushioning and protects our joints. When we do sport, hydration is essential, and thanks to polyethylene we can handle it without bearing much weight. Those small, convenient, lightweight, easy-to-carry water flasks are made with it. Polyurethane is used in all types of footwear. Its great strength means we can tread heavily. It is widely used in manufacturing soles, as it is a lightweight, flexible and comfortable material.

And thermal tee shirts? They are also pure chemistry, made with intelligent nonwoven polypropylene fabric, which is breathable and allows great freedom of movement. Baby’s nappies would also be impossible to keep dry without chemicals, but the polypropylene with which they’re made allows high absorption of liquids keeping the baby’s skin free from irritation. Not to mention the excipient that provides moisture and softness and carries the aroma in over 4,000 everyday cosmetic products: we’re talking about propylene glycol USP /EP (pharmaceutical grade).

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  • Hygiene: such as soaps, gels, shampoos and conditioners; facial cleansers, mouthwashes, toothpaste; shaving foams, deodorants, toothbrushes and hairbrushes, diapers, wipes.
  • Cosmetics: such as perfumes, creams, lipsticks, after shave lotions.
  • Leisure: such as computers, televisions, gaming consoles, telephones; large-scale toys such as slides and children's houses, among other.
  • Sport: sports equipment such as rackets or baskets and safety features for sport, such as helmets and protections; yoga and pilates balls, mats for sports and even the flooring for sports installations.
  • Textiles and footwear, such as technical shirts and sports or mountain-climbing shoes.
  • Education: school supplies such as books, paints, rucksacks and pencil cases. 

Isn’t it fascinating to discover how close chemicals are to our quality of life?

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