Synthetic products and materials for the home

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Polyols and polyolefins, a vital part of our home

At Repsol we offer a wide range of polyols and polyolefins that make everyday life in the home easier, providing comfort and well-being. 

We produce and sell raw materials that meet the most demanding quality standards for the best results.

These raw materials are used for a wide variety of everyday objects that improve our quality of life, such as mattresses, furniture, and more.

Chemicals allow us a very relaxing time at home

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day at work. What awaits you?

Let yourself be embraced by your sofa. Petroleum by-products help us to rest and, thanks to polyols, the raw material for foams of this type of furniture, our rest is much more enjoyable. 

Getting up in the morning and facing another day is also a matter of chemicals. Thanks to polyurethane foams you can sleep peacefully in our memory foam mattress (a form of foam that adapts to the contours of your body). Today there are foams with different densities and features to suit our preferences, in bedding. Its use is widespread in hospitals as it prevents the skin irritations from the pressure of long periods of time in bed.


Insulated, tough and shiny electrical appliances

Polyols have more uses: in domestic energy consumption, the refrigerator can reach up to 18% of all energy consumed in the home. That percentage is even higher if the refrigerator’s insulation is insufficient or faulty, allowing the cold in a refrigerator or freezer to escape. Rigid polyurethane foam, made from polyol, is an insulator which provides sustainability and eco responsibility for these appliances. Thanks to this material, modern, efficient Class A refrigerators operate with 50% less energy than those built in 1990.

Polypropylene has become indispensable in electrical appliances for being rugged, heat-resistant and durable and is the star raw material of the household thanks to its properties: elasticity, flexibility, durability and impermeability. Did you know that the metallic sheen on toasters is achieved with polypropylene compounds? Thanks to this material our small appliances look much more beautiful.

Today modern furniture uses adhesives made with EVA/EBA copolymers as they improve grip and allow designer furniture and kitchen cupboards to be customized with different finishes.

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Applications for comfort and sleep

Our products can be found in many elements of our home, such as:

  • Flexible polyurethane foams meet the most demanding market requirements (sofas, chairs, mattresses...)
  • Rigid foams for insulation
  • Home appliances
  • From garden furniture for their resistance to cold, heat and rain, to tough, durable children's furniture
  • Adhesives for modern designer furniture and kitchens

When the advantages and features are so obvious, it’s always best to go with the flow.

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