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Guarantee, commitment, and service for our health

Repsol manufactures and sells polyolefins for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices. 

As well as polyols for polyurethanes in surgical operations and propylene glycol USP/EP for pharmaceutical use.

Our products meet the highest standards and are created with cutting-edge technology so we can continue to do our bit for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

When plastic is of the utmost value in hospitals and pharmacies

We offer the maximum quality, service, and commitment through our Repsol Healthcare®, portfolio, a total of 30 grades comprised of polypropylene, polyethylene, and EVA copolymers.

Plastic is particularly suitable for medical applications, thanks to its exceptional barrier properties and its light weight, durability, transparency and compatibility with other materials. Repsol’s products, particularly polyethylene and polypropylene, are an essential part of pharmaceutical packaging. It comes into direct contact with people, since it serves as a container for the medication itself. This field is therefore very demanding in terms of rules and absolutely stringent about processes. Repsol always offers the highest quality and an ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance. People’s health and safety is our number one priority.

As for polyethylene and polypropylene they are essential elements in their manufacture of medical devices and equipment. Thanks to these materials, medical equipment today is compact, portable and safe. Storage bags for blood and serum, for example, are made of EVA copolymers due to their high strength and durability at low temperatures.

Repsol chemicals, also used in medical containers

Did you know that the safety caps on medical containers are also made with polypropylene? They keep the contents sealed and protected. And that the containers themselves are made of polyethylene? These containers are lighter and much more flexible and safer than the ones we used years ago. And we increase sustainability, because these containers are completely recyclable.

For Repsol, adding "Guarantee, Commitment, and Service component" (GCS) as values of our products is key to supplying the pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices market.

Have you ever stopped and realized how much chemistry is behind the single-use disposable textiles used in operating?

That’s right, they are used in single-use disposable textiles for operating theatres such as masks, caps and surgical gowns, shoe covers or stretcher paper. These offer an excellent barrier against liquids and against the spread of germs. They are much more practical than their reusable counterparts, whose effectiveness diminishes with repeated use. Masks and surgical gowns are made of “nonwoven” polypropylene. These nonwoven fabrics produce no fluff, so operating theatre particles are reduced by 99%. It is also an ecological and recyclable material. The gloves and clogs healthcare workers use contain EVA, providing protection, comfort, and breathability.

You'll be surprised to know that we go well beyond the packaging

Propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) is an important excipient in pharmaceutical applications: acting as solvent and extractant. In addition, its dispersant capability provides an even distribution of the active ingredient ensuring that dosages are always equal. It is also essential in syrups, as it is a carrier of flavor, helping our children take their medicine.

Polyols constitute one of the main raw materials for manufacturing polyurethane. These are widely used during surgical operations to maintain temperature and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. You can also find them in wheels and foam mats for stretchers, which are made with polyurethane to ensure patient comfort due to its high shock absorption capacity.


Applications designed for doctor and patient

Various plastic containers for medical and pharmaceutical use
  • Containers for medicines, safety caps, medication blisters.
  • Medical utensils: butterflies, tubes, medical cannulas, blood and serum bags, biological waste containers.
  • Medical equipment: textiles, gowns, masks, paper stretcher cover, gloves and footwear for medical personnel.
  • Medicines such as syrups, local anaesthetics, vaccines, vitamins and antiseptics.

The applications are endless and all vital to people’s health and to ensuring the work of health professionals is always as comfortable and efficient as possible. You probably never imagined that Repsol’s Chemicals Division was so much a part of everyday life in our hospitals and pharmacies.

We have been producing and selling polyolefins for over 40 years, with a solid reputation in Europe and three integrated production facilities in the Iberian Peninsula.

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