Josep Francesc Font

Josep Francesc Font

  • Director of Management Services and Logistics at the Chemicals Executive Division
  • Member of the Steering Committee at the Chemicals Executive Direction
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Dynasol

Josep Font Mañez earned a degree in Chemical Sciences from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of Tarragona (University of Barcelona) and completed a Management Development Program at the IESE Business School.

He started working at Repsol in 1989 in Tarragona, where he assumed responsibilities in several functional areas (such as Production, Processes and Engineering/Maintenance), as well as in the Chemicals and Refining businesses.

In 2012, he was named Director of the Repsol Industrial Complex in Sines (Portugal), and in March 2014 he was appointed Director of the Repsol Industrial Complex in Tarragona.

In September 2020, he became the Director of Services for Production and Logistics at the Chemicals Executive Division. He is in charge of ensuring that the industrial complexes operate safely while respecting the environment. He is also responsible for overseeing that the plants are increasingly reliable and efficient to be able to produce and supply the necessary amount of products that meet our clients' demands in terms of quality and delivery time.