Circular economy: A key driver of Repsol chemicals

Circular economy is at the core of our Chemicals Business strategy and serves as the basis for our operations. 

We pursue a production model that makes full use of resources and generates the least amount of waste. Thanks to that, we produce materials that, in addition to being 100% recyclable, can be used to provide the products needed by society such as healthcare materials, packaging, automotive components, furniture, among others. 

These materials, which incorporate a certain percentage of recycled materials in their composition, can be used repeatedly giving them a second life and making them more efficient and sustainable.

Our circular economy chemical projects

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With this project, we obtain new polyolefins that incorporate recycled material, guaranteeing top quality and functionality. With this new range of products, we expand our commitment to circular economy and our value chain, making more sustainable, innovative solutions.

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Circular polyolefins

We have been pioneers in the production of circular polyolefins using pyrolysis oil as an alternative raw material, which is derived from chemically recycled plastic waste that is not suitable for mechanical recycling. These circular polyolefins feature the same quality and functionality as virgin polyolefins and can be used in food packaging and healthcare products. Moreover, all our petrochemical complexes are ISCC PLUS certified for their production.

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Repsol is working on Polynspire, a Horizon 2020 project financed by the EU, to develop new solutions for polyurethane waste. The Polynspire project is aimed at improving polyurethane foam recyclability and efficiency by using microwaves and smart magnetic particles to boost the performance of chemical recycling processes in order to obtain polyols, which are applied primarily in the production of mattresses and furniture.

Circular Plastic Alliance: Building alliances to become more sustainable

We joined the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA), an initiative by the European Commission aimed at boosting the market for recycled plastics in Europe. This commitment further supports our strategy to promote a transition towards an economic model based on circular economy just like the "Circular Economy Pact" we signed in 2017 alongside the key economic and social players in Spain.


Our Repsol chemicals division contributes to our global circular economy strategy