Principles and certifications that endorse our activity in the Chemicals field

Today's challenge: Building a sustainable future with better products and differentiated services.

Our cultural values guide us so that all our decisions and actions contribute to building a better future. This is one of the commitments we have made to our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and, of course, to society.

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Toward a circular economy

Circular economy is at the core of our Chemicals Business strategy and serves as the basis for our operations. We pursue a production model that makes full use of resources and generates the least amount of waste. Thanks to that, we produce materials that, in addition to being 100% recyclable, can be used to provide the products needed by society such as healthcare materials, packaging, automotive components, furniture, among others.

These materials, which incorporate a certain percentage of recycled materials in their composition, can be used repeatedly giving them a second life and making them more efficient and sustainable.

The team that makes up the Technology Area researches with its sights on the future. Additionally, the Technical Service and Development team works on a daily basis with our customers, developing new products and improving the processability, sustainability and suitability of existing products to better adapt them to their needs.

What do we strive to achieve?

  • Increased process efficacy
  • Reduce any waste
  • Improving the working conditions of materials by reducing the temperature and pressure used in the processes
  • Improved exploitation of energy resources

Safety above all

Safety in all activities is the commitment of everyone who works at Repsol. Therefore all the petrochemical complexes and production plants or packaging and logistics centres run by Repsol’s Chemicals Division use rigorous safety management systems which are certified OHSAS 18001.2009 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).

Our safety standards at Repsol’s Chemicals are based on:

  • Promoting a safety culture that encourages a proper risk awareness, transparency and confidence in reporting, continuous learning and innovation.
  • High qualification of our staff: continuous training schemes for our own teams and training requirements for our outsourced staff.
  • Systematic risk analysis beginning with design and involving the implementation of best practices and international standards; and continuing in all our production and maintenance operations.
  • Coordination with contractors through working committees and periodic safety meetings. 
  • Establishing a continuous improvement process through field supervision and safety audits. 
  • Implementation and training schemes for contingencies and emergencies.

Our goal is to operate without accidents and to preserve the safety and health of our staff as well as the environment in which we work.