Repsol launches Solify, boosting solar self-consumption market offering

Press Release 16/12/2019 17:45
  • Repsol has launched Solify, a comprehensive self-generation solution for photovoltaic energy, offering 100% renewable energy to individual customers and businesses.
  • Generation and self-consumption of renewable energy is one of Repsol’s propositions for reducing its CO2 intensity and achieving the goal of becoming a net zero emissions company by the year 2050.
  • Repsol is building on its multi-energy supplier strategy with an efficient and cost-effective solution that adds to the savings inherent in self-consumption a compensation of 5 euro cents/kWh for the solar energy the owner produces, but does not consume. For individual customers, an additional 5 euros per month are added to the Waylet mobile payment app for one year.
  • The company will gradually start to implement this self-consumption solution at its service stations and other facilities, having already launched a project to equip its service stations with solar installations for self-supply of electricity.

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