Energy yearbook

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What data can be found in the energy yearbook?

This publication has been prepared by Repsol's Economic Research Department with the aim to provide a tool that will aid objective analysis, discussion, and debate on energy markets. 

It's an energy database with special emphasis on both the oil and natural gas sectors, as well as on electricity generation and sustainability indicators.

The energy industry in figures

Here are some of the most revealing data from the 2020 Energy Yearbook.


billion barrels

of oil proved reserves in the world. Nearly 18% are in Venezuela alone.


renewable generation

Europe has the highest market penetration of electric generation, exlcuding hydropower.


billion cubic meters

of natural gas demand. Only the US consumes 1.5 times more gas than all of Europe.


million barrels/day

The pre-pandemic global oil consumption. China has increased it consumption by 70% in the last decade.

Discover the global distribution of energy sources

In this database, you can find objective information on the production and consumption of oil and natural gas, total electricity generation, and the importance of renewable energies, CO2 emissions, and many others, as aggregate data from 50 countries and 10 regions.