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Students and graduates

Put your talent to work and thrive in your career

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Training and experience

Almost done with your degree? So, what now? At Repsol, we offer you various programs to finish your studies by specializing in different areas while gaining professional experience.

What are you interested in?

Scholarship program
'Sumando Energía' Program
Dual professional training
Internship for advanced vocational training students
New professionals program

Scholarship program

Improve your employability with our scholarship program. During the course of six months, you will develop your skills and abilities in different work teams that will allow you to gain professional experience.

These programs are aimed at graduates or master students.

"Sumando Energía" Program

This program is aimed at undergraduate students or new graduates with disabilities. Our goal is for them to develop their professional experience at Repsol.

This program began in 2017 due to the collaboration between Repsol, and Fundación Universia.

Dual professional training

If you are studying a dual professional training program, we offer you the opportunity of doing your internship at our company. These are new collaboration programs with the educational system intended to increase your chances of entering the job market.

You will alternate your advanced vocational training with a year-long internship at Repsol. You will have a mentor at Repsol, a learning program during your stay, and you will be coordinated and monitored by your instructors.

Internship program for advanced vocational training students

Complete your three-month mandatory internship with us at our work centers and obtain your official degree.

Contact your school for more information.

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New professionals program

At Repsol, we offer our own new-hire training programs, which are taught at the Corporate Learning Center, aimed at promoting the effective integration of new professionals who are recent university graduates. By acquiring the necessary technical, functional, and corporate knowledge, we will nurture your talent, so you can achieve excellent professional development.

Our program for new Repsol professionals is an excellent career opportunity if you are a recent university graduate. The aim is to provide training that will allow you to learn about the company's different businesses, units, and areas and prepare you to become part of our team and get you on board with our values and culture during your first two years at Repsol.

Why Repsol?

There are many reason why your should become part of our team, but let's just get started with these four:
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    At Repsol, we want our team to feel valued and safe. A place to develop your talent and your career.
  • Careers. A employee looking thoughtful in an office

    Step out of your comfort zone

    There's no room for boredom. We promote mobility and development. Step our of your comfort zone and develop in different job positions and areas.
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    Our culture of respect

    We have a set of values and a culture of respect towards people and the environment that guide everything we do.
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    New ways of working

    Results-oriented work enables us to find and implement new ways of collaborating and working.
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Discover Repsol

A strong presence comes with great responsibility. As a global company, at Repsol we have a set of values and a culture of respect towards people and the environment that guide our team's work.

One of the initiatives we carried out in 2017 involved launching our Global Sustainability Plan which sets out initiatives regarding disabilities, gender, age, culture diversity, flexibility, and work-life balance.

Petroleum Experts (Petex. Software engineering program developer for the oil and gas industry) has generously donated to the Corporate Learning Center the equivalent of £1.454.648,63 by grant the use of 10 sets of Petex’ IPM suite of programs, meaning 10 educational licenses each of: PROSPER, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, REVEAL & RESOLVE. This set of software will allow the students to get familiar with the proper tools for integrated field modelling and production optimization.