Training and professional development at Repsol

Build your future: Marta's experience

At Repsol, we know that the people who make up our Company have different goals, and we want to help make them a reality. We believe that a successful career is built on mobility, training, development, and promotion. Marta Camacho is an example of this model of professional growth. She began with a technical profile that she adapted and evolved according to her interests towards management, taking advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.

€8.4 M

Investment in 2021

This allowed each one of our employees to receive 24 hours of training


Internal mobility

We encourage employees to gain experience in different areas and positions


99% of employees received feedback regarding their development and 99.6% on their potential


Promoted employees
Based on performance, potential, and development

At Repsol, we are committed to the continuous improvement of the services we provide our employees. From our perspective, we evaluate our training program with a two-fold objective: A satisfaction survey that allows us to immediately detect areas of improvement. Additionally, an Efficiency Survey is conducted by means of a questionnaire aimed at management three months after the training is over, evaluating the degree to which the objectives sought after were met.

During 2020, we obtained a Satisfaction Survey average of 3.38 out of 4 and an Efficiency Survey average of 4.41 out of 6.