People and projects

More than 1,200 professionals with a common goal: To improve people’s lives

We've built multidisciplinary teams drawing on the people who make this digital transformation possible — and they do it while working across the entire Company using methodologies that enhance agility in day-to-day work.

And more than 280 digital initiatives with the very same goal. – this is just the beginning

Using all the technology available to optimize the most mechanical tasks and take better decisions, transforming the energy sector.

Operators observing monitors in a control room

Data as a source of energy

We are a data-driven company that uses big Data and artificial intelligence to foresee the energy and mobility needs of the future. With over 70 initiatives under way in the various business units, the data allows us to be more efficient in our oil and gas exploration and production; plan our industrial operations in a smarter, safer, and more sustainable manner; or get to know our individual and professional customers to give them personalized offers.

A person gives a presentation, based on a drawing on a whiteboard

Connected to predict the future

We implement systems that use the Internet of Things (IoT) in our production plants worldwide, industrial complexes, service stations, and even connected devices in the home to predict future behaviors and make forward-looking decisions. We have evolved toward Industry 4.0, where we are moving toward predictive maintenance based on real-time data collection, which we also use to optimize and improve our processes. Likewise, we use IoT to develop smart services and products that allow us to better manage energy for businesses and homes.

View of a drone on the ground

Drones to provide help and support in our work

We provide our professionals with drone technology and train them to use it in their activities around the world, helping them monitor facilities more safely and efficiently, even in extreme conditions. In the clouds above the Peruvian jungle or the deepest waters to inspect structures, or to perform maintenance work at height in complex situations, drones are our new colleagues that help and support us in our work

An operator reviews facilities with a tablet

Blockchain: more reliable and traceable operations

Blockchain brings a very important element of trust and traceability to our operations and processes, as well as improved efficiency and security when carrying out activities related to the supply chain, reporting, environmental certifications, peer-to-peer trading, financial transactions, and more. Repsol is one of the first companies both in the energy sector and in general to use blockchain, and we have a collaborative and cooperative attitude to continue experimenting with future applications.

An employee consulting his cell phone in a Repsol service station

From Mobile First to Intelligent Interfaces

The flexibility provided by the mobile apps we use in our operations (both industrial and commercial) make our daily work easier. We see these changes in industrial plant maintenance, geopositioning solutions, image capturing and voice commands, and service station management directly from the shop instead of an office. These innovative applications adapted to each professional role exist thanks to the work of professionals on the ground in conjunction with the leading experts in design and usability.

An employee typing and looking at the screen

Robots that help us to optimize processes

We use RPA technology or software robots to optimize some of our repetitive daily processes. For example, in the finance department, this includes the management of suppliers or commercial activity, where the main aim is to analyze and detect how we can add value. Robots free us up to carry our more analytical tasks and take on a more proactive role that empowers us as professionals.

What if you were also part of this change?

Our transformation depends on lots of people, and you can be part of it. We're expanding our digital team, incorporating new talent, defining new roles, and transforming our cross-Company style of working in multidisciplinary teams.