Employer-employee relationship. Two women talking in an office

Employer-employee relationship

We encourage dialogue between workers and their representatives to improve the work environment and guarantee dignified work

Regardless of the country it is operating in, Repsol fully respects its employees' freedom of association and their right to collective bargaining, in accordance with its Human Rights Policy.

Labor relations help implement the following action policies, included in the People Management Policy.

  • Encourage dialogue: we organize meetings with trade unions to reach agreements that benefit workers and regulate the company's labor relations. In Spain, the Framework Agreement is the benchmark standard for labor relations and is followed by all the group's companies, in addition to the collective bargaining agreements used to negotiate the specific labor law framework for each of them.
  • Work to guarantee equal opportunities and prevent discrimination.
  • Foster integration and diversity by welcoming people with disabilities into the workplace.
  • Implement measures for balancing personal, family, and work life.
  • Safeguard the health of people through social dialogue in the corresponding Health and Safety Committees.