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Where we work

Repsol Campus

A corporate symbol and a reflection of our culture

Shot of the Repsol Campus courtyard at dusk
Our Campus is Repsol's corporate symbol. It is regarded as an architectural benchmark worldwide that reflects our culture and the company's ongoing evolution. Our corporate headquarters affirms our commitment to people, society, and the planet. These facilities are home to more than 4,000 professionals from across all of our company's areas and business units that work hard everyday to improve the energy of the future. 
Located in the heart of the Spanish capital, this open space is specially designed to facilitate communication, teamwork, and the flow of knowledge between our professionals. This way, the Campus fosters a new way of working, a new way of doing things based on collaboration, flexibility, innovation, and transparency which stand as our culture's core pillars.

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Industrial complex lit up at night

Industrial complexes in Spain

We boast five refineries across Spain that are interconnected and function like a single industrial complex.
FGlass façade of an office building

Other offices

We operate all over the world to guarantee society's supply of energy with efficiency and sustainability in mind.