Repsol's upstream platform

Safe and responsible production

The world needs responsibly-produced oil and gas, we contribute to this goal with safe, reliable and affordable energy. 

To achieve energy security, demand for oil and gas will remain a core part of the energy mix for the next 25 years. With proven experience, state-of-the-art technology and continued investment in innovation, our Upstream team will lead the energy push in the direction of decarbonization.


Upstream is a thriving industry that is shaping the future creating limitless opportunities...Join the journey!

Our culture


Our mission: Our reason for being

"An energy company commited to a sustainable world."

Our vision: Where we´re headed

To be a global energy company that creates value in a sustainable manner through innovation, efficiency, and respect to drive progress in society.

Our team: Our greatest differential value

We foster a work environment based on equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion, and promote ways of working that help achieve a healthy work-life balance. We are a flexible, committed team of 24,000 employees who are united around the world by a shared vision and a set of values.

Repsol's platform

Working the best technology

We work to develop methods that allow us to optimize oure hydrocarbon exploration and production processes using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. There are three main objectives in this area: reduce the time it takes to start the production process, incress eficiency, and develop technologies that assist in each phase of an oil field´s cycle. 

Repsol's Upstream

Our mission is to lead the energy transition, shaping a low carbon future while ensuring energy security through the responsible production of hydrocarbons. We are a benchmark operator in hydrocarbon exploration thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, which has allowed us at the forefront of some of the greatest discoveries of the last decade.

572,000 barrels

of oil produced on average per day.

1.916 billion

barrels of proven reserves.


  of our proven reserves are gas.

75% reduction

of E&P's carbon intensity in tonnes of CO2/kboe in 2025 with respect to 2016.

1.5 million tonnes

of CO2e GHG emissions reduction in 2021-2025 period.

1 million+ Bbl/d

 refining capacity.

Bloque Carabobo

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