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Shot of an offshore exploration and production platform.

This is where it all begins

All our business operations start in Upstream. This term encompasses everything that we do, from exploration to development and oil and gas production worldwide.

Interested in finding out more about our Upstream business?
  • Exploration
    Two people looking at a screen in an Upstream project


    The search for oil and gas reservoirs is of the utmost importance, and we dedicate a large part of our time and technology to geology, geophysics, and environmental impact studies that help us to determine an area's potential.
  • Development
    Aerial view of a ship at sea


    We implement a collection system and run processing plants, and we ensure that extraction processes are sustainable, safe, and transparent even before beginning operations, in line with the most stringent standards.
  • Production
    Shot of an oil well


    When the facilities are ready to begin extraction operations, our teams get to work in order to use the reservoir's resources to their full potential. In addition to extracting oil and gas, we constantly perform maintenance tasks and transport hydrocarbons under the strictest conditions.

Projects that guarantee sustainable growth

We have onshore and offshore projects in a total of 28 countries.
Aerial view of the Marcellus field en the US

The Americas

Shot of an offshore oil rig


Oil platform in the desert


A worker looking down inside the Kinabalu platform


Natural gas: a key energy source for the energy transition

At Repsol, we know that natural gas is an abundant energy source that produces fewer emissions and will play a key role in the fight against climate change. That’s why we’re transforming our portfolio, increasing the percentage of gas in our production.. 

  • 715Thousand

    barrels/day in net production
  • 63%

    of our production is gas
  • 2.34Billion

    in proved reserves
  • 73%

    of our proved reserves are gas
  • Efficiency and digitalization in all our operations

Two Repsol employees review an exploration task.

RISE, the roap map of our operations

With a name that stands for Resilience, Innovation, Sustainability, and Engagement, this program aims to increase production and the profitability of our assets. 

The goal is to optimize resources and improve logistics management, maintenance, and sizing costs.