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  • Solar panels installed at our service stations

    Renewable energy generation and self-consumption are part of our commitment to reduce CO2 intensity and achieve our goal of becoming a net zero emissions company by 2050. As part of this strategy, we have installed photovoltaic solar panels for self-consumption at some of our service stations on the Iberian Peninsula and expect to continue installing more at a great deal of our stations all across Spain throughout 2020.

Find out how they work

Solar panels are installed on top of the canopy structures at our service stations for energy self-consumption.
Self-consumption means that we generate the same amount of energy that we need.
Aerial view of a the solar panels installed at a Repsol service station

How is electricity generated?

A solar panel is an aluminum structure made out of photovoltaic cells that turn the radiation from the sun into electricity, even in rainy or cloudy days.
Shot of the Repsol logo at a service station

What if there's no sunlight?

The station is still connected to the power grid, so the energy supply is always guaranteed.