Repsol in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago’s main national export is oil, in addition to natural gas and asphalt. The country is located in the southern end of the Antilles, between Grenada and the eastern coast of Venezuela.

Our activity in Trinidad and Tobago has been focused on our Upstream business since 1995 with three offshore production/development blocks. Additionally, the discovery we made here in 2017 was the greatest in gas volumes in the last six years, with estimated resources set at around 2 trillion cubic square feet of gas.


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Committed to growth

In Trinidad and Tobago, we’re committed to the economic and social development of local communities. We collaborate through various projects related to education, social integration, and training for young people, just to name a few.

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Social integration

We offer occupational therapy and medical assistance to children with different disabilities through the National Centre for People with Disabilities and the Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organization.

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Organ donation

We provide training to over 60 medical professionals in Trinidad and Tobago regarding organ procurement for transplants through the Organ Donation and Transplant Network for Trinidad and Tobago.

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Economic development

Thanks to the Greenhouse Project and the Young Farmers Program, we’ve built a sustainable agro-industrial model in the Mayaro and Guayaguayare communities.

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Teaching is growing

In collaboration with the Work Center, we work to further education and skills development in the public elementary-level school in the town of Mafeking. We firmly believe in the value of education as one of the most basic elements needed for the growth of society.

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Entrepreneurship for the future

We provide training to local young people in Building Construction Technology at the National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) of Mayaro. We also offer training in Business and Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO) and the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP).

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Our commitment to sustainability is plain to see in everything we do. That’s why we have a Global Sustainability Plan, and another specifically for our activity in Trinidad and Tobago.

Address: 8-12 Dere Street
Port of Spain - Trinidad & Tobago

Last updated: December 2023