Repsol in China

We have been actively present in China through our Chemicals business since 1999. We are stakeholders in Dynasol, a leader in the international synthetic rubber market and also a global producer, with plants in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

We work together with the Mexican group KUO. In 2015, Repsol reached an agreement to extend our alliance with Dynasol. We began supplying through our chemical accelerators and specialized products business while the KUO group did the same with its synthetic rubber emulsion and nitrile rubber businesses.

That very same year, Dynasol opened two new plants in China, both 50:50 joint venture partnerships with Shanxi Northern Xing’an Chemical Industry and Jiangsu GPRO Group. These new plants have an installed capacity of 100,000 tonnes/year of styrene butadiene-based synthetic rubber and 30,000 tonnes/year of nitrile rubber. The plants are located in Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces, respectively.

Repsol China logo

The Repsol brand in China

The adaptation of the Repsol brand to the context of China reaffirms Asia’s role as one of our key areas of growth. The need to adapt our brand to Asian markets comes as part of the expansion of our Lubricants business, now present in over 90 countries, and the various agreements which our Chemicals business has reached with Chinese companies. Thus, Repsol in Chinese becomes Rui Shuo Neng Yuan, which translates as: "an intelligent energy company, capable of anticipating the future with a positive spirit."


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