Business relationships

Controlling risk in our business relationships

Each and every employee who collaborates with or works at our company has to follow our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We are committed to controlling risk in the management of our suppliers and contractors, corporate security, and our relationships with business partners.

In addition, we do everything in our power to prevent their activities or decisions from having negative human rights consequences and, if they do, to remedy the harm caused.

Managing suppliers and contractors

We promote respect for human rights by suppliers, contractors, and distributors, and we check that our business relationships' conduct is in line with our commitments through our selection, rating, and monitoring processes. Our system identifies economic, technical, social, ethical, and environmental risks in the different stages of the business relationships we build. When a supplier or contractor fails to comply with our principles, they are not authorized to participate in calls for proposals and cannot be awarded orders or contracts.

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Corporate Security

We work with public and private security forces to enhance the security of operations in high-risk and conflict zones through working procedures that respect human rights. Since December 2013, we have been a member of the international initiative Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), a lever for closer collaboration with companies and different entities in this issue

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Our relationship with our partners

We implement our environmental, social, security, and health guidelines together with our partners in the different countries in which we operate. We work according to the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles established in the International Labor Organization Declaration. We have specific regulations that expressly state that the operator must respect human rights, and we carry out periodic monitoring activities to ensure that the company guidelines are being followed.

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