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Our circular economy projects

Circular decommissioning

Reusing asset equipment and materials in exploration and production operations

Aerial view of an oil rig at sea

At Repsol, we seek alternatives that allow us to extend the useful life of our asset equipment and materials by reusing them either in our own or other companies' operations. Along the same lines, we also reuse equipment belonging to other third parties, giving them a second life in our facilities.

Ultimately, this makes it possible to extend the useful life of equipment and materials, while reducing the need to manufacture new equipment. This brings about significant benefits as it reduces the amount of virgin feedstock consumed and reduces our carbon footprint.

Examples of projects we are undertaking:

  • Currently, we are carrying out decommissioning projects at our Gyda (Norway) and Casablanca (Spain) oil rigs. The aim is to fulfill Repsol's commitment to circular economy as these projects are being designed and executed based on circular criteria. 
  • Nowadays, we are also reusing materials and equipment from rigs that were assembled for exploration projects drilled a few years ago in the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Algarve (Portugal) as well as our new projects underway in Indonesia.
  • Classification by key lines and value chain

    Our circular economy projects are aligned with the key lines of our strategy and are present throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing products and services.
    Clasificación por ejes y cadena de valor

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