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Repsol Advance - Emulsions for cool bituminous mixtures

Repsol has developed the Repsol EFI-ADVANCE HW and REC HW emulsion ranges specifically for manufacturing and using in cool bituminous mixtures.

Properties and applications

The use in recent years of special emulsions in the the manufacture of cooled bituminous mixtures has enabled a reduction in temperatures that leads to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, an increase in occupational health and safety, and energy savings in this activity. The Repsol EFI-ADVANCE HW range responds to the need for:

  • Good wetting/coverage of the aggregate at the manufacturing temperature
  • A low percentage of water in the composition
  • Possibility of handling the mixture in the application area
  • A base binder with the required properties for the intended use of the mixture

The Repsol EFI-ADVANCE REC HW range combines the advantages mentioned above to those associated with reuse of milled or demolition material from the road. With these emulsions and a suitable mixture manufacturing process, it is possible to reuse 100% of the recycled material in the new mixture. All emulsions have the CE marking, in accordance with the EN 13808 standard.

The Repsol EFI-ADVANCE HW and EFI-ADVANCE REC HW range emulsions can be used to produce cooled mixtures with similar mechanical performance to hot bituminous mixtures. It should be considered that, thanks to the lower manufacturing temperature, the bitumen ages less and therefore the mixture’s durability is improved. In addition to these advantages and from the point of view of cooled bituminous mixture manufacturing, there are notable fuel savings and it is also possible to adapt hot-mix production facilities to these techniques. Furthermore, use of the Repsol EFI-ADVANCE REC HW range leads to savings in raw material consumption thanks to the reuse of material from the road.