Our values inspire the actions we take to achieve our goals. We strive to be a global company that generates value for the advancement of society in a sustainable way. Before undertaking a project, we ask ourselves whether it is efficient, ethically respectful, whether we are staying ahead of our competitors, and whether we are creating value."

Josu Jon
CEO at Repsol

Leaders who inspire: everyone's commitment

Senior management explains how the principles of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct are present in all areas of Repsol. Ethics is an intrinsic responsibility of everyone in the organization.

Action guidelines

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The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct defines the behaviors and ways to act for everyone working for the company, from employees to partners and suppliers, helping to make the best decisions at all times.

Comprehensive Compliance Model: putting theory into practice

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Our model encompasses the set of procedures and best practices adopted by Repsol, and reflects the commitment to a culture of compliance, through the implementation of the necessary measures to prevent, detect, and respond to potential compliance risks.

The Model covers the following areas: integrity, competence, money laundering and terrorist financing prevention, crime prevention, privacy and personal data protection, and sanctions and control.

Continuous training and full commitment

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The key to success for Compliance in the company's global culture is continuous training. Every year we develop an outreach strategy with innovative training and communication plans, using innovative digital tools, in order to promote ethics and compliance from the heart of our operations.

The most effective Compliance regulations

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The company provides all employees with standards, procedures, guides, and manuals to raise awareness of the potential Compliance risks they may face in their work activities.

The regulations have clear criteria for establishing relationships with public officials and broad parameters to prevent corruption, complying with legislation in the following areas: integrity, antitrust, data protection, money laundering and terrorist financing, crime prevention, and international sanctions and export control.

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