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Sustainable coexistence project

Block 57 and the sustainable coexistence project

Vista general del paisaje Sagari.

The “Sustainable Coexistence” project is being carried out in Block 57. Repsol is the operator of this block, located in the Amazon region of Cusco, Peru, where the native community of Nuevo Mundo is located. After an initial controversy and through a process of transparent and participatory dialogue, Repsol and the Nuevo Mundo Community reached an agreement in February 2017. The General Assembly of the Nuevo Mundo Community endorsed this agreement, prior to the completion of the necessary activities for the development of the Sagari field and the Compression Plant. The agreement included aspects of interest in relation to local development projects, compensation for land use and hiring of local workers.

The commitments have been implemented based on the Sustainable Coexistence Project, a model of social management with a systematic approach to continuous improvement, through the active participation of local stakeholders.

Operational challenges of the project

A medium and long-term strategy has been defined to ensure the management of risks, the mitigation of impacts, and the maximization of opportunities. It is based on four operational challenges.
1. Strengthen the social management system, improving processes based on a better understanding of the context.
2. Obtain measurable benefits and promote multi-stakeholder collaboration in social investment projects.
3. Contribute to the empowerment of the environmental monitoring community teams, fostering the exchange of reliable information.
4. Develop capacities for negotiation under fair conditions and of mutual interest in the communities.
Vista de un paisaje con montes verdes y cielo azul.

Tangible results

The Sustainable Coexistence Project already has tangible results in the social performance of Block 57, carried out in the diagnosis and change management process. This process involved all the functions of the Company, which has allowed the fulfillment of all agreements with the community, as well as creating an atmosphere of dialogue that promotes good neighborly relations with the community and the sustainability of our operations.
In compliance with the commitments of the Agreement of February 27th, 2017, the Nuevo Mundo Community has electric power, the improvement of the Community’s streets has been completed, and the basis has been laid for the implementation of the Development Plan drawn up by the community. This has been done through capacity-building on issues of public management and negotiation for development, as well as technical advice and support for initiatives prioritized by the same community for productive projects, crafts, scholarships, and the development of projects with the local government.
  • With this project, we positively contribute to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda through the following SDGs: